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About Us

It was our dream, we made it a reality, now you can enjoy it

Our History

Since 1998

Welcome to this special place that “came to life” 19 years ago in Rethymnon’s Palaia Poli, and then in Heraklion in 2007. We created an alternative venue for the city's social life, and re-wrote the rule book for eating out in Crete. In 2015 a new branch, operating as a franchise, opened in Belgrade in Serbia. Over the years that we have been operating, a mutual trust has been built up between us and our customers. On our side, we feel proud of everything we have achieved and are committed to constantly and steadily working to become better and better at what we do. We know very well that, whatever happens, we want you to feel proud of your "own” Creperie “Haris”.

*WE DISCOVER …flavours * WE CREATE …combinations * WE ARE COMMITTED TO AND GUARANTEE …quality

about us

We are dedicated to serving you

Basic Values

  • 19 years of Creperie “Hari’s”
    Thank you for your support over the years, which has helped us to maintain and improve our high standards. We can now be proud of what we have achieved, but we owe it to you to ensure that we keep on striving to become even better.

    Sincerely, the management and staff of Creperie “Hari’s”.

Where to find us

[Greece ] Rethymnon / Heraklion
[Cyprus] Nicosia
[Serbia] Belgrade

Opening Hours

Opening Hours
11:00 am to
1:00 am
and Holidays
10:00 am to
1:00 am

Chef’s Recommendations

"We would suggest that you avoid using lots of different toppings when you create your own crepe."


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