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New Dishes

New Dishes for 2018

Savory crepes gluten free

440. Savory crepe with fresh mozzarella, fresh chicken fillet, dried tomato, zemytha cheese 1% fat

7.00 €

55. Savory pancake with vegan cheese, pesto sauce, dried tomato, mushrooms, almonds

6.80 €

566. Savory pancake with vegan cheese, pesto sauce, dried tomato, mushrooms, almonds

6.80 €

352. Savory waffle with cottage cheese, avocado, cherry tomatoes, prosciutto di Parma

7.30 €

Sweet crepes gluten free

249. Sweet crepe with bitter chocolate, cranberries

4.70 €

339. Sweet waffle with peanut butter, honey, raspberries, almonds

5.60 €

512. Sweet pancake with maple syrup, Philadelphia cheese, mixed nuts

5.50 €

513. Sweet pancake with bitter chocolate, sesame paste, banana

5.50 €
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Interesting combinations

600. Small stuffed waffle with avocado, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, dried tomatoes Sweat oat's cream with cocoa, honey, yoghurt and fruits (fresh or dried) Coffee or tea & lemon or orange juice

9.00 €

603. Savory oat's cream with egg cooked on the cast iron bacon, cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach Sweet sushi crepe with yoghurt cream with biscuit, sour cherry sweet Coffee or tea & juice with carrot, apple, orange

9.40 €

604. Savory pan cake with Philadelphia cheese, smoked pork fillet, chery tomatoes, rocket, fresh spinach, vinaigrette sauce Sweet oat over night on a jar with maple syrup, rasberries and fresh fruits Coffee or tea & cream yoghurt bevera

9.30 €

605. Savory small waffle with chicken fillet, rocket, raisins, halloumi, balsamic cream Sweet chocolate pan cake with yoghurt cream with biscuit, fresh fruits, powdered sugar Coffee or tea & yoghurt banoffee smoothie

9.60 €

606. Protein brunch with avocado, cottage cheese, egg white, cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach Sweet oat over night on a jar with banana, sesame paste, cacao, stevia General bars with sesane paste, oat, chocolate (3 pieces) Coffee

10.50 €

608. Classic brunch with friend eggs with bacon and Creta sausageMini butter croissants with chocolate praline, toasted bread, butter, honey or marmalade Coffee or tea & fresh orange juice

8.80 €

610. Cretan brunch with Cretan rusk, fresh tomato, feta cheese, olives, oregano, olive oil, apaki, (smoked pork), boiled egg Kefalotiri cheese with honey Wild Cretan herbs tea or coffee

9.70 €

- Brunch is served from morning untill 17:00
- You can also order all recipes from the brunch combinations individually.


with delightfull sweet suggestions

370. Waffle jar

4.00 € with vanilla cream, mixed chocolate, rasberries, bananitsa

371. Waffle jar

4.30 € Philadelphiacheese, cookies, honey, small water, strawberries

372. Banoffee jar

4.50 € Banana, chocolate, biscuit, piece of chocolate, whipped cream, caramel sauce

373. "Hari's" jar

4.80 € Vanilla cream, bueno chocolate, strawberries, bananitsa, marshmallows, chocolate truffle, meringue cookies
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Chef’s Recommendations

"We would suggest that you avoid using lots of different toppings when you create your own crepe."


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