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New Dishes

New Dishes for 2017

Small Waffle

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360. Small Waffle

Cream cheese, sour cherry preserve (spoon jams), biscuit, white chocolate, dark chocolate crumbs

361. Small Waffle

Yogurt, honey, nuts, fresh fruit, cinnamon

362. Small Waffle

Strawberry cream, Maltesers, bueno chocolate, digestive, drops of chocolate syrop

363. Small Waffle

Caramel praline, biscuit, vanilla cream, hazelnuts, dark chocolate crumbs

364. Small Waffle

Vanilla cream, caprice, chocolate, powdered sugar, strawberries

365. Small Waffle

Bitter chocolate, digestive, strawberries & banana, pistachios, maple syrup, (light)
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Chef’s Recommendations

"We would suggest that you avoid using lots of different toppings when you create your own crepe."


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